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29.03.07- In Dublin Magazine - Issue 149, by Nathalie Marquez Courtney
The Grill... Professional wrestler Sheamus O'Shaunessy scared the bejaysus out of us when we tried to submit him to an InDublin grilling. We came out alive... just..

Name: Sheamus O'Shaunessy, The Irish Curse
Age: Justified and Ancient
Occupation: Professional Wrestler

ID: Where did you wake up this morning?

SOS: Woke up in a Butlins chalet at Bognor Regis , South England . Bruised, battered, and aching after kicking ten lumps outta WWE vampire / Wrestler Gangrel with 1000+ screaming kids watching at centre stage… Jealous?

ID: Who was the last person you said I love you to?

SOS: Huh? I Love You?? I'm not feckin' Ronan Keating or one of his soppy boyband mates. Ask me hole!

ID: Who was the last person you sent a text to? And what did it say?

SOS: It read: “Hi Ronan, this is Sheamus O'Shaunessy The Irish Curse here – I Love You. Smiley face. Hugs. Smiley Face.” Are you ‘In Dublin' eejits sure you want ask me these questions? I'm starting to get pissed off.

ID: When was the last time you got really sunburnt?

SOS: Listen lads. I'm a big white ginger lad from Cabra. If I stand too close to an open the fridge I end up looking like a bleedin' lobster. I don't tan in the sun; my freckles just look even more ridiculous. Thus, I wear factor Aran Sweater!

ID: When was the last time you took to the kitchen? And what did you make?

SOS: At 6'6” and 20 Stone I'm never out of the kitchen. I have to eat at least six protein heavy meals each day. I'm no chef but I can whip up a mean 15 egg, 4 chicken breast and mushroom omelette in minutes. Avoid those carbs kids…

ID: When were you last naked in front of some one?

SOS: Are you not aware that my profession involves beating the living hell out of some poor-unfortunate wearing nothing more than a pair of green lycra knicks? I'm practically naked each time I step in the ring. But I tend to cover up my privates in public. No one likes ginger pubes.

ID: Do you have a MySpace/Bebo/other social network account?

SOS: My most excellent official Website is: www.sosofficial.com , check it out. I've also got a MySpace page: www.myspace.com/sosofficial , 500 friends and counting!

ID: If you had to write a personal ad what would it say?

SOS: Lonely and Ginger seeks identical twin sisters for romantic snuggles.

ID: If some one was to play you in a movie who would you want it to be?

SOS: Angelina Jolie with a hell of a lot of CGI! Hell, if they can make that Andy Circus guy look like Gollum in Lord of the Rings, why not? Am I just being kinky here??

ID: Who would play the love interest?

SOS: The identical twin sisters I requested above.

ID: Has any celebrity ever come on to you?

SOS: I don't kiss and tell. And by that I really mean No.

ID: What's your best Rock'n'Roll moment?

SOS: While leaving WWE Raw in Manchester's MEN arena there were fans there with my pictures which they wanted autographed. Considering the biggest names in US Wrestling were fighting there and I only had a small role in the event, it was kinda cool. Still haven't got any SOS groupies yet. Where are those twin sisters at?

ID: When was the last time you were lost?

SOS: Physically or mentally? Well, I've just relocated from Dublin to London so I'm constantly lost in this big faceless city. Thank Zeus for the Underground.

ID: When did you last cry? And why?

SOS: Right now as I read these ‘boybandesque' questions. Why? Coz I haven't got in touch with my inner child yet. Anyone got a Kleenex? Seriously.

ID: Crème eggs – how do you eat yours?

SOS: Same way I take a Suppository… It's a new London thing!

ID: If you were the karate kid who would your Mr Miyagi be?

SOS: Arnold Schwarzenegger, waaay before the politics. Come back Conan, all is forgiven... “Vax on, Vax off, Sheamus.”

Dublin Favourites: Please list your favourite city/suburb spots for...

Live Music venue ?

SOS: Whelans. You can't beat the place for atmosphere and a good pint.

Favourite place to eat/drink?

SOS: The Porter House in temple bar. They serve up a great chicken burger. Or Zaytoons across the road as I stumble home in the wee hours.

Favourite Dublin memory?

SOS: Knocking 10 big feckin' bells out of the former Canadian WCW wrestler Vampiro in the SFX theatre in front of a packed crowd for the Irish heavyweight title. It was magic fella, the stuff of fables.

Favourite Dublin smell?

SOS: Walking past Burdocks on a cold wet Sunday as the fish ‘n' chips aroma wafts out. Jaysus, I'm starvin' just thing about it… Loadsa salt & vinegar on that batter buger please Mister…

Favourite thing about Dublin ?

SOS: The craic. I miss the craic on a Saturday night out with the lads.

Least favourite thing about Dublin?

SOS: Sunday morning hangovers and wondering where the feck I am!


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