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Sheamus O'Shaunessy was mortal... Born natural to a Father and Mother on the shores of Dubh Linn in an Epoch of Celtic Myths and Legends. His youth saw him grow fast and strong into a feared warrior gaining a hero's reputation on the battlefields of Erin, far too quickly in some estimations. As foreign invaders attacked from the North & the South his Clan and he pushed them back into the sea many times. But it was the fueds between the indigenous Celtic Tribes that would see him transcend mortality and ultimately become Cursed...

In the Pre-Christian Age before St Patrick held his purgatory at the gateway to the underworld on Lough Derg's Station Island Sheamus O'Shaunessy lay lifeless on the Battlefield of Tara, covered in the blood of his enemies with the head of Bosco still firmly gripped in his right hand. But this was not his end, rather the beginning of his curse.

The many violent years between man and boy, Sheamus grew weary of Celtic Laws and honour code. He grew blood thirsty prefering the life of a mercenary; offering his warrior services to the tribe willing to pay the highest price. SOS was lost amid the dark underworld of lusty wenches and yard after yard of mead. His reputation went before him and all feared his anger and might. But without honour he was a lost soul seeking a glorious and bloody death.

As fate would have it he found his destiny on the side of Good when he heard Ruaidhri's war cry on the Battlefield under the Hill of Tara when his heart told him to turn on his evil comrades slaughtering All under the command of Bosco and the Will of his lover, the witch Morgana.

A moment of clarity showed Sheamus the error of his ways and the darkness in Bosco's heart. SOS turned to face the marauding dark army, which he led only moments before. His hair stood on end and fire blazed in his eyes as he slew all that stood before him.

Bosco turned to flee after seeing the war frenzy which had overcome his former ally but before his foot left the battlefield of Tara Sheamus O'Shaunessy cleaved his head at the neck and stood there with it held aloft to deafening Banshee-like screams of Morgana from her craggy perch.

Morgana, now in a rage, summoned dark spirits and demons from the gateway of hell and struck down Sheamus where he stood with a blinding flash of blue & purple energy which shot out in swirling streams from her pointed fingernails. She screeched an enchantment over his dead body in a strange heavy tongue, instructing the spirits and demons to escort his soul to the underworld and torture him for eternity in hell.

As his soul was being forcibly dragged by supernatural forces from his body, he lay still and lifeless. Watching from the nearby wood, Ruaidhri's battle weakened sorcerer Morcant intervened with a spell, holding back the evil ghosts from stealing Sheamus' soul. The fight for the slain warrior's soul began. Morcant and Morgana battled for hours with counter-on-counter enchantment and spell over the body of the fallen fighter until finally it was torn in two with a blinding flash of white light, hurling the Witch into the boggy quagmire.

Sheamus awoke. The air fell silent and the mighty warrior got slowly to his feet and began to tremble and shake with internal turmoil and agonising pain. As all watched on as if in a trance on the blood soaked ground, Sheamus battled against himself at lightening speed. As he struggled on the spot where he once fell his feet seemed to merge into the soil as his aura was slowly pulled from his battered body.

The earth seemed to be desperately trying to hold on to the champion as the spirit world tugged at his soul. Finally with earth now up to his thighs Sheamus slumped over backwards and a ghostly white smoke bellowed from his eyes, ears and mouth.

As the white smoke filled the air it took on the shape of the warrior and glared at all onlookers with blood red eyes. Morcant bellowed "BAWN" (Bain in the Gaelic tongue) at the ghostly figure and ordered it to take to sinking pits of hell. All had gathered around Sheamus now and desperately dug at the soil which entombed his legs shouting "Bawn, Bawn, Bawn" at the looming spirit above his head until it backed off to the dark places.

Sheamus was now in a perilous fight for life in Morcant's cave which went on for many days and nights. Finally Morcant reluctantly tied his mortal body's destiny to that of the the land of Erin. With tears in his eyes and a heavy heart Morcant Cursed Sheamus with this destiny as it was all he could do to save him.

Thus, Sheamus O'Shaunessy was reborn as immortal with his destiny tied directly to that of Ireland. As the centuries wield and past he grew strong and weak and strong again as his homeland met with countless turmoils. He was always haunted by the evil ghost of his former self, Bawn, which is ever present looking to repossess the warrior's soul once more.

Sheamus O'Shaunessy became known as the Irish Curse as his fate was tied to that of Ireland. He has known many great battles over the millennia with numerous invasions from the Viking tribes of the North, Germanic, Norman and Anglo-Saxon armies from the East, and The Moors and The Romans from The South. But the hardest one he fights everyday...

The Battle for his Soul.

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